Does Yoga Help With Addiction Recovery?

The complexities of individual addiction issues means that there are different treatment techniques for different addiction issues. Yoga is one of them. This is why the question does Yoga help with addiction recovery? is a common one. Ultimately, many people know Yoga to be an exercise that helps you to relax and reduce stress. However, it’s a multi-dimensional discipline that can help deal with stressful circumstances such as craving and addiction recovery. When you practice Yoga, physical and mental methods are applied to treat the part of the brain altered by substance use disorders.

If you have had an experience or ever witnessed someone battling with an addiction of any sort, you’d understand how complicated it can be. Thankfully, advances in the study of substance use disorders mean that alternative treatments like Yoga can offer immense benefits for addiction treatment and recovery. 

This article will answer your questions on how Yoga helps with addiction recovery. Down the line, we’ll also discuss the benefits of Yoga for addiction recovery, and the best poses for yoga addiction treatment.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a system of meditation routines that helps to orchestrate mindfulness. Also, Yoga is an art as well as science. It is a science because it offers practical techniques for controlling the body and mind, thereby making extensive meditation possible. It is an art, for unless it is practiced spontaneously and delicately, it will yield only partial results.

Although it may seem as if Yoga is just about putting yourself in a particular position and keeping it that way for a few minutes, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Yoga is effective in controlling your mind and making sure it’s on the same page with the body. This ability to maintain a constant state of mind is why it is useful for addiction treatment purposes. 

Does Yoga Help With Addiction Recovery?

In Canada, usually, people engage in Yoga to help lift their spirit and sense of well-being. However, Yoga offers more. The breathing modulations and body posture used during yoga help promote physical strength, relaxation, and spirituality. Therefore, if you are wondering if truly Yoga does help with addiction recovery, then your answer is yes. Yes, Yoga will go a long way in assisting you on your recovery journey.

Yoga has been helpful to people who are recovering from their alcohol dependence and even to those who have a problem with drug dependence. In the same vein, meditation and Yoga are useful for those who are determined to quit smoking cigarettes as well. 

Benefits of Yoga For Addiction Recovery

Some of the benefits of Yoga for addiction recovery include:

It helps you to stay calm and relax

Yoga has been proven to help calm the nervous system. Many yoga exercises are directed at calming the mind and boosting focus. When dealing with depression, addiction, and even substance abuse, a calm mind is essential if not compulsory. Yoga will help you in achieving the required calmness and relaxation.

It helps you to remain active and alert

The significance of remaining present or active during addiction recovery can not be overemphasized. If you’re not present in your situation, you would not be able to work things out. Avoiding your emotions or feelings will only feed your cravings and not help you fight them. To that end, Yoga teaches you to be actively present and deal with situations and emotions.

It helps you recognize disruptive habits

If you haven’t distinguished bad habits and substance abuse triggers, it becomes doubly harder to attain long-term sobriety. One of the most crucial steps toward addiction recovery is identifying your addiction.

Yoga helps you to identify physical, mental and destructive habits. As we described above, Yoga helps you remain active, which allows you to be aware. Once you’re conscious of your destructive habits, you will find it easy to accept them as problems, and then you can move towards rewriting them. This will help you develop new habits and behaviour that will enhance your addiction recovery.

It helps you build self-confidence

One significant thing that drives people towards addiction is self-doubt. Luckily, Yoga can help you fix this. This treatment technique helps you get in touch with yourself well enough to build self-confidence.

Ultimately, building confidence is quintessential in the process of recovery. If you can commit to daily yoga practice and exercises, you get to watch yourself progress with the positions, and this will help your confidence.

Best Poses For Yoga Addiction Treatment

Now that you’re aware of how much Yoga can help with addiction recovery, let us introduce some basic yoga poses that can help with addiction recovery;

The Pigeon Pose

This pose is your best bet to opening your hip to release all blocked energy and stored up emotions. It’ll help bring all emotions to the surface, thereby helping you to be present and engage your emotions in a natural healthy way.

The Downward Facing Dog

This position will help in dealing with stress; it’s an excellent stress relief pose. It gently strengthens and lengthens tge physical body and muscles. This pose also helps to release physical and mental tension. Furthermore, ensure to practice this pose regularly to deal with stress and to boost the recovery process.

The Low Lunge Pose

The Low Lunge helps to stretch the groin, psoas, hips, and flexors. All these are parts of your body that tend to hold the bulk of emotional trauma.

To practice this pose, you’d have to start from The Downward Facing Dog position, then bring your right leg forward over the right knee on top of your ankle.

The Yoga Corpse Pose

Just as the name implies, the corpse pose is about lying in a position and in total silence. Although it is a challenging pose to master, it’s one of the most effective yoga poses. This is because it helps to master the art of discovering oneself and identify one’s problems. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  • Lie down and allow your legs, which should be extended in front of you, to be completely relaxed.
  • Rest your hands by your side, close your eyes, and find a neutral breath.
  • Focus on your breath, then hold the position for 5 to ten 10 minutes.


From the above, we’ve answered your questions whether Yoga helps with addiction recovery. Furthermore, apart from the above, there are many more yoga positions that you can try out during your addiction recovery journey. Also, ensure to take your yoga classes seriously as it comes with numerous benefits that transcend addiction recovery. 

What we’ve discussed are possible ways that Yoga can help with addiction recovery. However, it should not be a substitute for professional addiction treatment and support. It is only one of the techniques recommended by most addiction treatment experts.

One notable thing we want you to know is that, no matter what you’re addicted to, recovery is possible. Here at Addictions CA, we offer different treatment techniques for different addictions. Call(855) 601-0555 to speak with an expert today!

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