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Alcohol Addiction: These 7 facts Will Help you Stop Drinking for Good

Most of the time, we have found that knowledge can be a catalyst for getting the best alcohol addiction treatment. For most people, knowledge of alcohol addiction facts can be a stimulant that encourages them to get alcohol addiction treatment. For one, alcohol, the most abused substance in the United States, has significant health effects, which may not be known immediately after use. The continuous buildup of these effects can be lethal in the long run.

However, there are some purported benefits to the use of alcohol, especially when taken in moderation. But just like any other substance, an addictive intake level is detrimental, and for this, you need to master how to stop drinking. Once alcohol enters the body, it causes an immediate physiological change to your brain, the liver, and even the heart. Furthermore, these changes can cause significant damages.

Alcohol addiction is real. As an addict, you will always feel in control, which is an invalid judgement of the situation. Understandably, knowing how to stop drinking can sometimes be an uphill task, which is why this article is for you. With our concise explanation of the facts surrounding addiction to alcohol, you’ll be able to see for yourself why addiction treatment is vital.

What is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction is a state that is also referred to as alcoholism. It is a disorder that spans across people in different industries of life. Over the years, several research studies have attempted to establish the possibility of alcoholism being linked to genetics, race, sex, or socioeconomics. However, it is noted that there are several factors that can lead to alcohol abuse, making it impossible to pinpoint a definitive trend.

The abuse of alcohol is very detrimental, as it can result in a massive shift in your brain and neural makeup, making it more difficult for you to control your actions. There are different ways most people exhibit the symptoms and effects of the condition. This depends on what you drink, which will surely be different from the drinking lifestyle of other persons.

In most cases, you will find it difficult to accept that you are an alcoholic and need help. However, acknowledgement is a critical step toward recovery. Once you notice that you have a heavy reliance on alcohol, you need to find out how to stop drinking. If you find it very difficult – almost impossible – to stay sober for an extended period, you need to seek help, starting with the alcohol addiction facts on this page. 

What Are the Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction?

As said earlier, you may not recognize the fact that you are an alcoholic immediately. The disorder comes with a level of denial, which most people find challenging to overcome. Also, people may not quickly label you an alcoholic because the culture accepts it. In fact, some friendships are based on the ability to “hold liquor”.

Because it is challenging to tell if you are simply someone who likes to drink, or who is addicted, there are some symptoms you should look out for. 

  • You take alcohol more frequently and in large quantities.
  • You can hold your liquor no matter how much you drink, and you don’t get much of a hangover even when you are bombed away.
  • You always drink when it is conventionally unacceptable to drink. For instance, drinking in the morning, or church.
  • You like it when there is always alcohol present around you, and when it’s not, you become uncomfortable.
  • You have friends who drink too much.
  • You avoid your loved ones, especially those who don’t support the idea of drinking so much.
  • Hiding while drinking.
  • You can’t seem to do anything if you don’t have your drink first.
  • Suffering from increased lethargy, amongst other emotional issues.
  • Having work-related or legal issues due to alcohol.

If you notice any of these in your life and can’t seem to stop, you need to go through these alcohol addiction facts.

7 Facts About Alcohol Addiction

When taken in excess, the adverse effects from the use of alcohol are most often irreversible. These alcohol addiction facts will surely be a starting point to correcting your mindset about drinking.

You are drinking more than you think you are

This seems untrue, but it is, and it is one of the many reasons you don’t feel compelled to know how to stop drinking. It is one of the essential facts about alcohol abuse that you should always think about. With every bottle you take, there is an average of 14 grams of concentrated alcohol. 

Also, when you take a regular beer, there are about 12 ounces of alcohol in there. There is 5 ounce of it in wine and about 8 or 9 in liquor. And on many occasions, especially when out with friends, it is more likely that you’ll mix two or more of these substances.

The truth is, you will most likely not feel like an alcohol addict. You are most likely not a drunkard. But, when you notice that you are taking beyond 4 bottles of your favourite alcohol drink per day, it calls for concern.

Alcohol alters your brain

Whenever your brain notices that you are trying to make a habit, it changes physically, to create a condition that helps you perform that task better. Hence, whenever your brain notices that you are frequently taking in alcohol, it interprets that you are trying to get better.

It changes and creates a condition that makes it easy to continue drinking seamlessly. Once this change occurs, there is no going back, and it may be problematic for a lifetime, even if you do change later on. It’s best to seek professional help from an addiction treatment expert near you now!

The effect of alcohol is different for each gender 

Another interesting alcohol addiction fact is that the bodies of men process alcohol differently from that of women. This difference is caused by factors including stomach enzymes, the concentration of water in the body, the muscle to fat ratio, and the presence or absence of some hormones. 

For women, when alcohol is absorbed, it is broken down more slowly, and they can suffer more damage from alcohol addiction. However, for men, drinking excessively is common because the body breaks it down fast, which will inevitably lead to the symptoms stated above. Either way, alcohol addiction is detrimental.

Alcoholism is partially generic

Genetics also has a role to play in alcoholism. Though environment and exposure play a significant role in alcoholism, parental genes also play a part. Though this risk is not definite, as scientists state, it is only a 50-50 chance that the parent’s genes will bring about addiction in a person. However, it is only right to note this, no matter how minute the occurrence is.

Alcohol can cause death

According to reports, about 88,000 persons die as a result of alcohol yearly, because several people drunk-drive. On the grimy side, this makes it one of the leading causes of death that can be prevented. By staying sober, over 80,000 deaths can be prevented.

Binge drinking is dangerous

Binge drinking refers to the condition of drinking too much within a short period. This is a widespread occurrence in people that are between the ages of 18 and 22 years. Taking this much within a short time can lead to dangerous alcohol body levels — a situation that comes with severe health consequences.

Alcohol withdrawal comes with severe side effects

It’s best to fight alcohol addiction ASAP. This is because with extended dependence on addiction if you stop drinking totally, and suddenly, the agitation of some nerve cells occurs. This can lead to a condition known as delirium tremens that comes with severe side effects including vomiting, unconsciousness, strong cravings, cold skin etc 

Tips for Getting Rid of Alcohol Addiction

Beyond the alcohol addiction facts, there are several ways with which you can work on yourself to get rid of this menace.

  • Therapy: This is the best way to stop drinking, as you rely on the professionalism and expertise of a therapist to lead you through the side effects that come with alcohol withdrawal
  • Support group: This is a typical recommendation in therapy, especially for those that suffer addiction to one disorder or another. Your support group can be a group of friends and family that will help at every stage of the addiction recovery process.

Final Take

These alcohol addiction facts aren’t meant to scare you, but to increase understanding of the health risks involved. The “pleasure” that comes with the use of alcohol cannot be compared to dangers that loom. Getting over alcohol addiction can be difficult, but it’s a process that’s easier with addiction treatment experts.

Addictions CA is home to experts that can design a personalized addiction treatment plan for you. From behavioural therapy to one-on-one sessions we will effectively help you develop new habits. Call (855) 601-0555 to speak to an expert today!

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