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Oshawa Drug & Alcohol Rehab

As the pressures in our daily lives reach an all-time high, managing those stressors becomes more and more challenging. Our world is ever-changing and has gotten smaller due to technology. We are instantly, and constantly, connected to that world. Priorities have shifted from the family to work and financial success.

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We understand a problem

In modern times, there are more reasons than ever to turn to substances to try to relieve the pressures, resulting in increasing numbers of people suffering from addiction. Oshawa is not immune to this phenomenon: as a growing urban center, its residents are experiencing increasing levels of mental illness and addiction. Inpatient addiction treatment and rehab programs such as ours provide support with all aspects of recovery. Our facility is a very easy drive away, in the Thousand Islands region of Ontario. Along with top quality treatment, our clients enjoy plenty of amenities and ample free time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings while being removed from the stresses of life.

Our staff has an in-depth understanding of addiction, and our programs are based on the most current research. Therapy has evolved to include a variety of services that are tailored to the needs of each individual. We develop personalized programs using information that we gather during the initial assessment, such as family and medical history, the severity and duration of the addiction, the ways in which daily life has been impacted, how relationships have been affected, and more.

Do We Provide Support To Loved Ones Of Addicts?

Close family members and friends are a crucial key to addiction recovery for most individuals. Addictions do not happen in a vacuum: they occur within the framework of relationships with spouses and partners, parents, children, and friends.

Our addiction rehab programs are designed to incorporate family therapy sessions in which loved ones can address their perspectives about the factors contributing to the addiction, and how to solve them.

We understand that addiction can be distressing and traumatic for loved ones. We offer support in the form of counseling and educational programs.

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We Treat

What Addictions Do We Treat?

Teams of medical experts are available and are trained in managing all types of addiction, particularly those that have become more prevalent in recent years. We treat addiction to AlcoholMarijuanaCocaineHeroin, inhalants, amphetamines, and methamphetamines.

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Professional help

In consultation with family members, our doctors, therapists, and counselors develop treatment plans that include a combination of medical detox, counseling, art and music therapy, meditation and yoga, nutrition and fitness routines, relapse prevention workshops, and a variety of recreational activities, all with a holistic approach.

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Addiction is a highly treatable condition whose management is life-altering. Help is a call away.

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