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ms. andrea

Andrea R. Lee


Andrea R. Lee has spent over a decade in leadership roles in the education sector with the youth suffering from emotional, social, physical, behavioural, and family dysfunctional issues. She strongly believes that the youth she was counselling and educating was not given a safe environment. They were also not provided with skills of coping their challenges in which the future looks bleak and fear of failure seemed inevitable.

Andrea stepped up and took action by setting up local supportive community groups which assisted the youth. Her aim was to help the youth learn substantial coping strategies to excel in their life in general.

Andrea also found out that there was more help needed for equality and justice not only for the youth, but for those individuals without a voice. The over arching common denominator was and continues to be the scourge of addiction.

It was not long after Andrea had to face her own demons and challenges. Having stepped out of the work force to take inventory of her own life,she herself felt the effects of her own trauma and abuse for over several years.

She began by first admitting to herself that she had to seek help. The very person who constantly gave support to others in need, was eventually reaching out to receive help. Andrea voluntarily admitted herself into the residential addiction treatment facility.

Unfortunately, after a while into her recovery, she lost her husband and the profound effect upon within, sent her into a rapid downward spiral into substance use again and found herself being homeless and living on the streets. Andrea, was brought back, from death thankfully, on more than a few occasions.

Her family sought the help of an interventionist who assisted her returning to treatment once again, this time she spent over 60 days. When she finally returned to her home, she decided to use all the tools at her disposal. Within a short time, she found herself counselling others on bereavement, sexual abuse, trauma, unhealthy relationships, abandonment, and rejection. She also focused on helping individuals from the victim services, as well as setting up interventions and lead an Intake Department. Andrea is a strong advocate for positive changes in the field of addiction and mental health.

Andrea has worked with many individuals, saving lives, as well as bringing families back together.

Andrea is a skilled leader with a successful track record of using her deep compassion, empathy, integrity, sensitivity, humility, courage, commitment, ability to connect and inspire all who she works with and the people in her life.

Andrea is widely respected in the field of addiction and mental health, with an intense focus of all clients in need of treatment and recovery.

“Rather than striving for perfection, strive for a balanced life. Accept that you will make mistakes and when you do, use them as a starting point to realize your next level. Trying to be perfect stems from one’s fear of failure. Instead of being afraid to fail, pursue your passion no matter the outcome.”

Andrea has overcome numerous challenges to be elected as President of 1000 Islands Addictions and Treatment Centre.