Diana Curtis

Head Housekeeper

Diana, who has been the Head Housekeeper of 1000 Islands Addictions and Treatment Centre for almost two years. Diana is a highly experienced Housekeeper and Supervisor, who can demonstrate exceptional attention to detail, speed and accuracy in anything she does. Overall, Diana has worked in the hospitality and Health Care industry for 3 years, and from which she has learnt how to accurately anticipate clients as well as operational needs. She has all the skills one looks for in an employee, and as a true all-rounder is able to work cohesively with colleagues as part of a team. She has the required level of enthusiasm and energy needed to create a sense of urgency in important matters and possesses those rare positive leadership characteristics which can inspire junior staff. Diana brings an assortment of knowledge and skills to every area of the Housekeeping Department We are Truly very fortunate to have her on our team.

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