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1000 islands rehab is a full service inpatient drug and alcohol rehab facility. Located in the Thousand Islands region of Ontario, it is remote enough to provide an escape for those who need to focus on recovery, yet accessible enough for loved one visits and family therapy sessions.

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Our Addiction Rehab facility in Toronto is run by a staff of caring professionals ranging from nurses and counselors to fitness trainers and nutrition specialists. Every member of our team comes with high-quality education in their field, and an abundance of experience, and a passion for helping those with addictions. We offer a safe, supportive environment that gives our clients a break from the stresses and challenges of the outside world.

Full lifecycle of
addiction recovery

We work with the full lifecycle of addiction recovery, starting with interventions for those who may not yet understand that they have an addiction problem, and that help is available for them. We ensure that clients have the opportunity to safely withdraw from their substance through medically supervised detox, and when the rehab program is over, we continue our support via a comprehensive aftercare program at our Addiction Rehab facility in Toronto.

Individual Programs

Our addiction treatment and rehab programs are tailored for each individual client and include substance-specific elements for those addicted to alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, and more. We incorporate a variety of treatment modalities, such as group and individual therapy, creative therapies, yoga and meditation, and educational workshops for the client and loved ones who have been most impacted by the addiction.

Free time for relax

Our treatment programs incorporate free time to give our clients the opportunity to relax, reflect on their progress during some quiet time, and pursue recreational activities. We are located on the water, which provides opportunities for swimming and boating. For those who prefer dry land, there are many scenic spots to walk, or simply to sit and admire the beautiful scenery.

Whether you live just around the corner, all the way across the country, or on the other side of the United States/Canada border, addictions.ca is waiting to welcome you so you can start your journey to a better life. Look around our website to learn more about us, view our gallery of photos, and give us a call to ask questions and get started.

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