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Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

There are many varied substances or prescription drugs that are used both legally and illegally. As dependence increases addiction to these drugs and the use of illegal streams increases the chance of overdose and death.

Prescription drug addiction has grown throughout the world as new highly addictive medications have been prescribed. Addiction Treatment is available.


Prescription drugs are more readily available now than ever before, and new options seem to be continually entering the market. Each one certainly offers a number of benefits for those suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, depression or a wide range of other medical conditions.
Despite their effectiveness in helping to treat specific ailments, many of these medications are also causing more than their fair shares of problems. Abuse and addiction are among the most widespread of these issues. At 1000 Islands Wellness and Treatment Centre, we’re here to help combat the negative impacts these medications can have when dependence tightens its grip.

There is a very large range of prescription drugs that a user can become addicted to, each comes with differing sets of symptoms. Below is a list of common symptoms when a user find themselves addicted:

  • Prioritizing redosing of the drug
  • Increasing dosing frequency
  • Missing important engagements, isolation, secretive
  • Disrupted sleep patterns
  • Financial issues
  • Weight fluctuation
  • Defensiveness and irritability
  • Loss of control over amount and frequency of use
  • Cravings and compulsive use
  • Continuing use during and after adverse consequences

These are some of the most common categories of prescription drugs:

Prescription Sedatives

Prescription drug addiction for sedatives is quite common especially for those that need treatment for anxiety and insomnia. There is a tendency for sedative abuse for those seeking the calming and numbing effects. Some of the drugs that are part of prescription drug addiction include Nembutal, Ativan, Xanax, and Ambien. Addiction means that individuals can no longer function without the drug. If doctor administered prescriptions are concluded addicts will seek out illegal avenues to obtain a supply.

Prescription Opioids

Some of the opioids include methadone, codeine, morphine, and oxycodone. Prescription drug dependence to opioids is typically as a result of increased dosage required for pain management. Just like sedatives when a doctor prescription runs out, addicted individuals will seek out illegal avenues. Illegal streams sometimes contain other drugs such as cocaine, heroin or other drugs.

Prescription Stimulants

Some of the most common stimulants that cause addiction include amphetamines. This prescription drug is typically used for the treatment of health conditions such as obesity and Attention Deficit Disorders. Addiction occurs when people can not function with the drugs. Stimulants give alertness, energy and a heightened state of awareness. When a doctor prescribed stimulant is stopped it leads individuals to seek out illegal means.



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