Inhalants Addiction Rehab

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Inhalants Addiction Treatment

When we think of addiction, we tend to think of substances like alcohol, heroin, opioids and cocaine. But substances of abuse a lot closer than the liquor store or the neighbourhood drug dealer. All you have to do is look in your kitchen cupboards or in your garage.

Regular household products such as glue, hand sanitizer, aerosol cleaning products and paint can produce a euphoric high when ingested, usually through inhalation. This is extremely dangerous: these products are not intended for human consumption in any form, and they are considered toxic. In some cases, even a single use can result in brain damage, cardiac arrest, seizures and a number of other symptoms. There is a very high risk of death, especially when these products are used with other substances.

One of the biggest challenges with overcoming an addiction like this is that the products are easily available and inexpensive, and they can be purchased by anyone of any age. That makes them appealing to children and youth who are looking for something to experiment with.



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