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Michigan Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Globally, addiction is more prevalent now than it ever has been. While abuse of certain substances may be less of a problem, new drugs, as well as different ways of becoming intoxicated, have forced health care providers to adapt and tailor rehab accordingly.

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Using information about family and medical history, the specific addiction, as well as its longevity and severity as described during the intake process, a personalized plan is developed to meet the unique needs of each individual. Your road to recovery may include a combination of medical detox, counselling, art and music therapy, meditation and yoga, nutrition and fitness routines, relapse prevention workshops, and a variety of recreational activities, all with a holistic approach.

Addictions.ca offers comprehensive inpatient addiction treatment in Toronto, Canada. Michigan residents who are suffering from addiction can benefit from going to a place away from home, where they will be further removed from the daily stressors that can make recovery more difficult. Our location in the Thousand Islands region offers seclusion with the lake, parks, and countless nature trails. It is home to some of the most beautiful scenery Ontario has to offer. This wonderful opportunity to explore can be a transformative part of therapy.

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It is essential to seek professional help. The staff at Addictions.ca are experts and provide treatment for addiction to AlcoholMarijuanaCocaineHeroin, inhalants, amphetamines and methamphetamines.

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Like every state, Michigan’s substance abuse problem has reached epidemic levels. Sadly, addiction often goes undetected or unreported. The individual suffering can fool everyone, even themselves, and become very skilled at creating the illusion that everything is fine. This puts this person at a significant risk of health problems, overdose, or death. Short term effects can include changes in appetite, weight loss or gain, seizures, stroke, mental confusion, and brain damage. More prolonged exposure to drugs or alcohol frequently results in liver damage, heart disease, anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions. Seeking professional help is essential. Addiction is treatable with the appropriate support but left untreated it can destroy lives.

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