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Music Therapy

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Music Therapy

Music is a very important aspect in the daily lives of most people. People use music as a form of entertainment, relaxation, distraction, as well as an accompaniment to enhance their lives. In addition, many people use music as a means of motivating themselves to reach goals or perform daily activities.

My name is Alek and I am the music therapy teacher here at the Thousand Islands Addiction and Treatment Center.

Inside the elevator, on the way to the grocery store, singing along in the car to workout jams, music is all around us and has a profound impact on who we are individually. It can tie us to a memory and lift us up. Or music can also be that very friend when times get tough, helps and guides us through the darkest days of our lives.

Here at the centre, we take a look at the songs and artists who have had an impact on our lives. We dissect the lyrics and connect with our favourite musicians on a greater level.

We look at some great songs that have topped the charts, or songs that we re-listen to with our newfound sobriety and outlook on life. We share songs that are close to our hearts, together with the group in the spirit of vulnerability and to grow and expand our knowledge.

As this program continues on our playlist curated by addicts and for addicts, it grows significantly.

Music is known to promote general wellness, manage stress, and enhance memory.

Our focus at the centre is about how music can help us express our true feelings and improve communication. Sometimes music can help us say certain things we could not find the words for ourselves.

Our stories are as varied and unique as the music we enjoy.
We all deserve a chance, and a chance to be heard.


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