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Rehab Services For Loved Ones

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Addiction Rehab Services For Loved Ones

Addiction does not only affect the addict, it also affects the people around them. Close friends, family members and coworkers of addicts are often bewildered as they see the individual start to speak and behave in ways that are uncharacteristic. As the person becomes increasingly defensive and anxious, there may be arguments, outbursts and acts of aggression, leaving loved ones feeling betrayed, concerned and in some cases, afraid for their safety.

An effective addiction treatment and rehab program does not focus exclusively on the addict, it also considers anyone who is a significant part of the addict’s life. This could mean a spouse or life partner, children, parents, close friends, and close business partners or coworkers.

At 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab, we follow a holistic approach in our treatment, which means looking at all aspects of the addict’s life. As part of this, we consider how the addiction has impacted loved ones, and how loved ones can be included in the recovery process.



How Do We Involve Loved Ones In Addiction Treatment?


People with addictions are not always in a position to recognize that they need help. If you have a loved one in this position, we can offer assistance in the form of an intervention. We do not believe in a confrontational approach: our interventionists talk to addicts and their loved ones with kindness and understanding. The idea is to gently guide the addict toward a realization that there is a positive path to a better life for them and the people they love.

Family Therapy

Addiction tends to go hand-in-hand with damaged relationships. Sometimes, relationships break down as a result of the addiction; other times, a troubled relationship can be a trigger for addictive behavior. Regardless of whether the relationship problems or the addiction came first, we endeavor to guide the addict and their loved ones as they work to improve their communication skills and conflict resolution skills and repair their relationships.

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When clients leave our facility and return to their homes, they face the challenge of reintegrating into society, and dealing with people, places and situations that could trigger a relapse. Those close to the addict play a crucial role of support at this time, and we do everything we can to prepare them for this through information, education and support.

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Loved One Visits

Even while the addict is taking time out from the outside world in order to focus on recovery, it is important for them to maintain connections with close friends and family members. Family visits provide an opportunity for loved ones to see the progress that is being made during rehab.

At this time Family Visitation are suspended due to COVID19, until further notice.

Dropping off someone you love at an addiction treatment facility can be difficult for both of you. With us, your loved one is in a supportive, safe environment. By the time their stay with us is over, they will be on a path to a better life, and you will be able to enjoy a more fulfilling relationship with them.

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Loved One Visits