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8 Of The Best Addiction Treatment Centres in Canada

If you have made the choice to go to rehab to get help for a drug or alcohol addiction, you have taken a crucial step. The next step is to figure out which rehab centres to approach, and that is a daunting task. A Google search for “drug rehab centres in Ontario” yields over a million results: how is someone who is going through a crisis supposed to process that amount of information?

A good starting point is to figure out what you would want in a rehab centre. Do you want to go to a facility that’s off the beaten track? Do you want a luxury rehab experience that has five-star amenities? Would you feel comfortable in a women’s-only facility? Are you looking for a rehab centre that offers traditional healing?

Now that you have some idea of what you’re looking for, you will be able to conduct a more targeted search. We’ve picked out a few highly recommended addiction treatment centres across Canada to help you get started.

#1 Best Luxury Rehab

Located in Guelph, Ontario, The Residence at Homewood is in a 50-acre private forest. Its luxurious private rooms with en suite bathrooms will make you feel as if you’re staying in a 5-star hotel. Customized addiction treatment programs, chef-prepared meals, and amenities that include massage therapy, tennis courts, and stunning walking trails combine to create a comfortable, soothing place for healing.

#2 Best Traditional Healing Rehab

For First Nations people who are looking for culturally appropriate addiction treatment, the North Wind Wellness Centre is in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. You will start each day with smudge and prayer circle, and you will have access to traditional healing practices such as a sweat lodge, and Pipe and Blanket Ceremonies. You will be free to explore and collect medicines in the 150 acres of wilderness.

#3 Best Treatment Centre for Women

Breton House is a drug and alcohol rehab centre in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, that is geared to the unique needs of women. Although you will be living at the facility for the duration of your treatment, some of the 12-step meetings and group sessions are held in the community. There is a range of therapies available, including art therapy, anger management, and life skills training.

treatment centre for women

#4 Best Treatment Centre for Men

Vancouver, British Columbia is home to Inspire Change Wellness Centre. This is an addiction and mental illness treatment facility for men who feel more comfortable talking about their challenges and issues in a men’s-only setting. In addition to therapy, daily activities include physical activity, nutritious meals, and personal time for you to reflect or relax.

#5 Best Treatment Centre for Youth

With treatment centres in Red Deer, Alberta and Barrie, Ontario, Venture Academy is Canada’s leading rehab centre that specializes in the treatment of addiction in teenagers. Residential programs vary in length depending on individual needs, and clients are supported in the continuation of their schoolwork during their time in the program.

#6 Best Government-Funded Rehab

Although the cost of private rehab is not covered by provincial healthcare plans like OHIP, there are some government-funded services available. The Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH) is a Toronto facility that provides a variety of inpatient, outpatient and emergency services for people struggling with addictions.

#7 Most Scenic Rehab

Many rehab centres in Canada are in beautiful locations. No matter what province you are in, you will find a treatment facility surrounded by nature. Overlooking Jeddore harbour in Nova Scotia is Terradyne Wellness Centre. Each private room has its own balcony overlooking the water, and there is an abundance of hiking trails that will allow you to take in the scenery during your recreational time.

#8 Best Full-Service Treatment Centre

Located a couple of hours’ drive from Toronto, Ontario, Thousand Islands Rehab Centre checks off a lot of boxes: luxury accommodation, stunning scenery, a variety of amenities, nutritious chef-prepared meals, and most importantly, addiction treatment that is tailored to each individual.  A full range of services is provided: medical detox to help clients safely withdraw from substances, rehab that gets to the underlying cause of the addiction, and comprehensive aftercare that helps clients make the transition back to the “real world”.

full-service treatment centre

Things to Consider When Choosing a Rehab Centre

Whether you are looking for a basic affordable rehab centre or a luxury facility with all the bells and whistles, there are some questions you need to ask about each treatment centre that makes it onto your shortlist. These include the following:

  • Is the facility staffed with accredited professionals?
  • Does the facility have a good track record of success?
  • To what extent will the rehab centre customize your addiction treatment plan?
  • If you have a dual diagnosis such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), is the treatment facility equipped to handle it?
  • If you need to go through detox, can that be done at the rehab centre you are considering, or do you have to make prior arrangements elsewhere?
  • If faith, spirituality, or tradition are important to you, will the rehab centre accommodate that?
  • If you have a disability or medical condition that requires ongoing management, what accommodations will be available to you?
  • Does the rehab centre have an aftercare program, and if so, what does that look like? Will you be given support as you make the transition from rehab back to the real world?

Choosing a rehab centre is a major life decision. You are making a commitment to entrust some of the most personal, painful details of your life to other people, and you have to be sure that you feel a level of trust and comfort. Different rehab centres resonate with different people, and it’s important that you find the one that is right for you. Call each centre that you are considering and ask them all of the questions you need to. The rehab centres you are talking to want to help, and they will be happy to tell you everything you need to know. The most important step is to make that call.

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