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How to Quit Cocaine Addiction

If you’re reading this, the odds are high that you have finally realized the negative toll that cocaine use is having on your life, and you want to quit. This realization is very vital as it is what will push you to go through cocaine addiction treatment. Finding out how to quit cocaine abuse is the first and essential step to living a life free from an addiction to the substance. In light of this, we are happy to tell you that you are on the right path!

Cocaine is easily one of the most dangerous and addictive substances out there. Although it is illegal in many countries, including Canada, many people still practice recreational cocaine use. Sadly, most of these people become addicted to the substance. 

If you or your loved ones fall into this category, the good news is that you can get help for cocaine addiction. In this article, we will provide you with helpful tips on how to quit cocaine abuse.

Kicking your addiction to cocaine may be tasking as the withdrawal symptoms can be quite intense. So, we recommend seeking professional help to ensure that your cocaine addiction treatment and recovery goes as smoothly as possible. 

In light of this, we will also give you some insight into the best treatment options for cocaine addiction. Read further to find out the best ways to stop cocaine abuse.

Why is Quitting Cocaine So Hard?

Many people struggling with how to quit cocaine abuse usually have a lot of questions. Why can I recreationally use cocaine for a short while and then become unable to control myself? What causes the change between my occasional thrilling use and my now compulsive use? How can it be so hard not to use cocaine? Can I get rid of cocaine addiction?

These are all very valid questions that countless others before you have asked. The process of quitting cocaine has the potential to be difficult, painful and mostly uncomfortable. 

This is because of the effects that long-term cocaine use has on the brain. To help you understand the process of cocaine addiction treatment, we will show you how it affects your brain.

Cocaine explicitly targets the limbic system in the brain. This is the part of the brain that controls the feelings of reward and is highly effective in making you happy. Due to this, with continued use of cocaine, you will continually seek these feelings of pleasure. This makes it extremely difficult to kick your habits of using cocaine.

Furthermore, the continuous use of cocaine will cause your body to develop a physical dependence on the substance. This means that your body forms a compulsive need for cocaine to sustain normal functions. 

At this point, if you try to stop, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can vary from simple to intense, depending on how long you’ve been using.

The mental and physical impressions of cocaine on you are what make its addiction hard to treat. Also, these factors increase the risk of a relapse. However, despite all these, cocaine addiction treatment is, IN FACT, possible. In the next few paragraphs, you will discover proven tips on how to quit cocaine addiction.

Tips on How to Quit Cocaine

Cocaine addiction treatment is never comfortable. This is why you need all the help you can get to kick to your cocaine addiction. We have compiled some vital information on the best ways to stop cocaine abuse. Bear in mind, we are not saying it will be smooth sailing all through. 

By following the following strategies, you may just be giving yourself the best chances of dropping cocaine for good. At the very least, these tips will point you in the right direction. Here’s how to quit cocaine abuse.

Figure out why you want to quit

Undoubtedly, numerous health risks come with using cocaine that should be enough to make anyone stop. However, these reasons may not be enough for you. You need to figure out your reasons for wanting to know how to quit cocaine abuse. 

Many people want to get clean to get back with their family, while others want to become better versions of themselves. Whatever your reason may be, you must identify it. This reason will become the fuel that pushes you through your cocaine addiction treatment when it gets tough, as it likely will.

Create a plan for yourself

Quit Cocaine Addiction

The next important step you need to take in your journey to freedom from cocaine addiction is to create a plan. A well-tailored plan will go a long way in keeping you on track. In the timeline you create, you must address your short-term goal of successful withdrawal. 

Furthermore, you must also plan for your long term goal, which is recovery. Here are a couple of things you should keep in mind when creating your cocaine addiction treatment timeline.

  • Prepare for the symptoms of withdrawal
  • Decide how to deal with stress
  • Create a plan for avoiding things or people who can lead you to use again

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Build a support system

best ways to stop cocaine addiction

One of the best ways to stop cocaine addiction is to create a support system of people who can encourage you to achieve your goal. A reliable support system can make the difference between a successful cocaine addiction treatment and a relapse. 

Most people choose to surround themselves with their loved ones – close friends and family. It goes without saying that you have to alert these people that you are trying to quit cocaine.

Your support system is critical to ensuring that you have adequate care and motivation during your addiction treatment. So, if you do not want to tell your loved ones, you may invest in anonymous support such as Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous.

Get busy

Get busy

Our next tip on how to quit cocaine abuse is this – fill up your days. If you are going to drop a habit, you should find a more healthy replacement for it. Otherwise, the void that it leaves can cause idleness, which can lead you right back where you started. The same thing applies to cocaine addiction and its treatment. 

Idleness can give you time to reflect on your memories, which can then cause more cravings. To prevent this, we recommend that you rearrange your schedule.

Moreover, cocaine cravings are short-lived. They typically last between two and three hours. So, if you can find a way to pass the time, or exhaust yourself until you nod off, you will likely wake up without cravings. 

Fill your day up with activities that you like, such as exercise and safe socialization. You may even pick up a new hobby or complete an unfinished home project.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

The lifestyle that you lead goes a long way to influence your journey through quitting cocaine for good. As such, you must ensure that you do your best to live as healthily as possible. This includes adequate rest, regular exercise and a balanced diet. 

Exercise facilitates the release of natural ‘pleasure’ chemicals in your brain, thereby helping you reduce cravings. Also, a regular schedule for sleeping and waking will help your body recover faster from cocaine use. Besides, a healthy diet promotes brain function and helps your body regenerate. It all works together to help you quit cocaine abuse.

Identify your triggers

Knowing how to quit cocaine addiction is all about understanding what triggers your use in the first place. Once you can identify your triggers, you are well on your way to living a cocaine-free life. 

Make a list of these triggers and then plan how to avoid them. This way, even if you are unable to prevent them, you’ll be prepared to deal with them. Your triggers may include objects, people, places or situations. So, think deep, identify them and, most importantly, avoid them!

Enroll in a treatment centre

For our final tip on how to quit cocaine abuse, admit to a professional cocaine addiction treatment facility. While it is possible to discontinue cocaine use on your own, it is usually a painful, not to mention dangerous, process. 

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms can sometimes be intense and life-threatening. This is why we recommend going through your detox at a professional facility.

At an addiction treatment centre, you’d have access to a team of medical experts and psychologists to help you through your withdrawal. Also, they can provide medication to help reduce the intensity of your symptoms if need be. Or help you ensure that your mind is in the right state to pull through.

The option of Professional Cocaine Addiction Treatment

The option of Professional Cocaine Addiction Treatment

At our cocaine addiction treatment facility, we have a variety of treatment options available for you.

  • Inpatient treatment program – You live in our treatment centre while going through recovery.
  • Outpatient treatment program – You enjoy inpatient services, but you do not have to live in the facility,
  • Individual therapy program – One-on-one with our addiction treatment professionals
  • Group therapy – You enjoy the benefits of therapy but with a group of people with similar goals.
  • Twelve-step support groups


Cocaine addiction is deadly and a real pain to kick. However, drug-free life is achievable and within your grasp. With a combination of professional help, the right support system and tips on how to quit cocaine addiction, you can indeed kick your habits. Call 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab & Treatment Centre for addiction treatment programs.

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