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How Much Does it Cost for Sober Living?

When you factor in the cost of sober living in Toronto, the accumulated cost of addiction recovery may seem like a lot. But, once you start the process of recovery, doing everything right is important. You shouldn’t go through detox, withdrawal, medications, only to stop at therapy. Especially if you were an inpatient, you should take the further step of engaging in sober living facilities.

As a landing ground mainly for inpatients, the benefits outweigh the cost of sober living in Toronto. With the help of these facilities, patients get to establish new life routines that will aid their sobriety.

Some several factors and elements go into sober living homes achieving their mandate. All these in one way or the other influence the resulting cost. Hence, the need for this blog post where we examine the cost of sober living in Toronto.

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Is the Cost of Sober Living Homes Helpful?

According to the journal of psychoactive drugs from the NCBI, Toronto sober living facilities do extend your sober time. These facilities achieve a massive improvement in your psychiatric symptoms. They reduce the risk of exposure to triggers. Also, staying in these facilities helps you stay free from depression and anxiety symptoms.

So, to answer the question of whether it’s worth it. Yes, the cost of Toronto sober living is part of an effective process towards recovery. These stable environments have helped numerous persons live a responsible life, helping them achieve independence again, sober. It’s a safe space outside of the rehab center.

One very important thing the cost of sober living in Toronto affords you is being able to make the most of the 12-step program. In these spaces, you are in a safe zone and you can focus on getting better.

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Cost of Sober Living in Toronto and Influencing Factors

The cost of sober living in Toronto differs in different cities and countries. Location matters in issues of rehab, sober living homes and hospital. Hence, you should do your research for different facilities in different locations to know what works for you.

Even in a city like Toronto, the cost of sober living varies. This is because there are private facilities and government-funded facilities. For the former, there are a fixed number of persons it allows per time. Usually, these facilities are situated in serene neighborhoods.

Another influencing factor is what we mentioned above – luxury or basic. Renting space in sober living homes in Toronto is just like home-hunting (without the stress). It’s like you are trying to get a new apartment. Hence, you can go for the luxurious ones or the standard ones. It’s all on what you can afford.

For the basic sober homes, the pricing is always about $500 per month However, this is different for luxury sober homes. In most private luxury facilities, the cost of Toronto sober living can be about $12,000 per month. As we explained earlier, there are more and better amenities in luxury homes.

In basic sober living homes in Toronto, you need to buy your medications and groceries. Hence, you should hold ample cash. When you stay in these facilities, they advise you, most times, to get a job. Getting a job helps beyond finances. It helps you build routines. You also get to feel productive. This helps to keep your mind busy, and away from thoughts of drugs or alcohol.

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What does the cost of Sober Living Homes offer?

The very first thing you need to understand and acknowledge is that sober living homes differ from rehab centers. Before proceeding to a sober living home, going to rehab is a compulsory requirement. You should know that rehabs in no way influence the cost of sober living. They are completely independent.

You enjoy ongoing support

One of the very first things you should expect at Toronto sober living homes is that there will be ongoing support from the group. This can either be in the form of group or individual therapy. Also, you should expect to further understand the addiction problem.

To help patients achieve the goal of remaining sober, these houses use several rules. For one, you must pay rent. Also, you need to frequently attend therapy sessions. You should also not bring intoxicating substances to the home. House meetings are also compulsory, just as you must give respect to everyone in the home.

The numerous benefits, despite the pricing of sober living in Toronto, make it worth it. Sober living homes have risen to become a haven – a compulsory one for inpatients.

It’s just like home

While these homes are different from rehab centers, they do have one thing in common. Both facilities come in different luxury grades. Sober living homes also picked the idea of having a luxury facilities version. With five-star amenities, these luxury homes offer a more wholesome experience than standard homes. The cost of sober living in such a luxurious facility is certainly higher than standard and basic facilities’.

In luxury sober living homes in Toronto, tenants get to have a very close feeling to ‘home’. Everything there makes you feel at home, just that they are shared. But if you lived in a large family before rehab, you won’t mind.

These facilities feature the best of furniture, recreation areas, electronics, and other gadgets that make living more interesting. Every part of these facilities spells luxury – both private and public areas. The spaces are elegant and comfortable. Also, while these luxury homes allow you to bring your possessions, the room you get is bound to be already furnished to perfection.

In luxury sober living facilities in Toronto, more wholesome programs are included in the routine. For instance, you get to enjoy the best of yoga, meditation, art therapy, and physical fitness.

There are tangible indications that these programs help recovered addicts reach deeper into themselves. In doing so, it helps them solve issues that led to the use of drugs in the first place. Mastering a habit of these activities is a massive boost on the journey to being sober.

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Freedom and structure in the same package

When you are in a sober living home in Toronto, you should expect to be with others most of the time. Especially after the 12-step model, group meetings are bound to follow. Most homes are strict with these meetings. Some of these facilities even mark attendance. This is because being present at the 12-step program relates closely to recovery.

One important fact you should be aware of is that luxury homes don’t babysit you. The high-end facilities are there, but they don’t treat you like a baby. Doing so will simply be going against the general framework and tenet of sober living homes. Hence, don’t expect the staff to be waiting for you at the door upon your admission into the facility. Sober living homes, despite the cost, are all about helping you build personal responsibility.

How should you Prepare for a Sober Living Home?

After sorting the cost of sober living in Toronto, preparation for entrance into the facility is key. It’s different from rehab in Toronto. Sober living homes, as you now understand, are more like facilities where you are one leg in the world, and one leg in rehab. That halfway point is vital for your seamless transition back to society after long rehab periods.

Adjusting to life after rehab is not easy. But you aren’t alone. Even in preparing for sober living, you aren’t alone. If you ever feel like you need something more than what this section offers, talk to someone. Talk to professionals at the rehab, or the director of the sober living facility in Toronto.

In this section, we put together everything you should put in place. Your needs may transcend these, but they are a very good start.

  • Insurance plan: You should ensure that you sort your insurance issues with the company. Know everything your insurance coverage includes, amongst other information
  • The detail on your addiction history: You should be ready to reiterate your previous condition as an addict. The staff at the facility will ask you questions as they aim to know just how severe your addiction was.
  •  What substances were you involved in? This is another question you should be ready to answer. You have to lay everything bare as it helps them figure out how best to help you.
  • Medical History: Have the files with details of your medical history with you, if any. For instance, if you have heart conditions, diabetes or pregnancy.
  • History of your mental health: Suffering mental issues in the wake of addiction and its subsequent recovery is common. Hence, these facilities always want to know where you stand mentally.
  • Your personal belongings: You don’t have to take everything you own with you. You’ll be good if all you take are the stuff that went into rehab with you. Depending on how luxurious the facility you are renting from us, you may or may not need most things. The facilities are set for you already.
  • Know the sober living pricing models: You can’t just head to any random facility and seek admission. You need prior information on what the pricing is like there. You can find this out online or through a friend. You can also get recommendations from the professionals at your rehab. Just make sure you do your due diligence to know the cost of sober living you’ll incur.

When you have everything above prepared, your admission into the sober living home in Toronto will be easier. You can also go over and beyond to provide information you feel is necessary, even if we don’t have it written in this section.

You can never give the caregivers at the sober homes enough information. The more you give them, the better they understand how uniquely to treat you. This is best for your recovery and transition into society.

Facts about Sober Living Homes to Note

Beyond knowing how much sober living does cost, you should know these facts. The basis of these facts, however, is that sober living homes won’t perform magic on you. Even after paying the cost of sober living in these facilities, put in the work.

They are not homeless shelters

These aren’t facilities you check into after rehab simply because you don’t have a home. They are facilities to help you reshape your daily lives. They help you fall in sync with the real world again.

There are strict rules to follow

While these facilities offer flexibility and freedom unlike rehabs, there are rules. The administration in these homes ensures these rules are adhered to. For instance, you must obey the curfew, your visitors must be drug-free, and you can only get visitors during the visiting hours.

They are not free

As you probably know already, you will bear the cost of sober living in Toronto. These facilities aren’t free, and some can be very costly. You pay for what you are getting. Some of these facilities are very exclusive.

There are more sober living facilities for men than women

Women coming out of rehab most times have the issue of getting a sober living home in Toronto. There are not as many sober living homes for women as there are for men. One major complication is kids. There are not many facilities that support mothers and their children.

You will undergo a compulsory drug test and community life

At sober living homes in Toronto, you should be ready for random drug tests. This is in the bid to maintain the integrity of the home. Thanks to the randomness of these tests, you will have to stay sober as you can’t tell when the next testing will be.

Also, you don’t necessarily have a private life. Community formation is the strength of sober homes. So most activities of the day will be in communities and groups. You should be ready for that life.

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Hopefully, this article does justice to answer questions of whether sober living is expensive. It all depends on what you are trying to get — luxury or basic. The cost of Toronto sober living is all about your taste and what you want to enjoy in your transition period.

But one thing is more important to note than cost. And, that’s your willingness. You need to be ready and willing to stay sober even in such a freer environment.

The journey to recovery is a long, sometimes arduous, one. However, as a top addiction rehab with the professionals we have at our addiction rehab center, you are in good hands. Here at 1000 Islands Rehab Centre, we will provide you with all the aftercare support and help you need. Reach out to us now!

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