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Why the holidays are perfect for inpatient addiction treatment

The holiday season can be an extremely difficult time of year for those with problem substance use and addiction. While many people look forward to family gatherings and celebrations, the related social pressures, parties and alcohol can actually be a source of anxiety and stress. Many Canadians will also feel lonely during the dark winter months, creating an opportunity for addiction to grab hold. Thankfully, you can choose a different path this holiday, leading to a new you this New year! 

At 1000 Islands Addiction Treatment Centre, we provide a cozy and warm environment for you or your loved one to heal over the holidays. Escape the stress of daily life and find the space to recover at our beautiful winter cottage style centre.

Here’s why starting an inpatient addiction treatment program is the best gift to give yourself this holiday!

Avoid triggers that tempt the addiction

When you’re trying to cut back on drinking or using drugs, parties can become a source of stress, anxiety, and possible harm. Whether you decline the invitation or go to the event and feel uncomfortable, you can end up feeling like a buzzkill either way. For someone dealing with addiction during the holidays, it’s a messy situation.

You might prefer to remove yourself entirely from the temptation to use substances at parties this holiday. Spending 30+ days in a safe and controlled environment that supports your recovery, while avoiding difficult situations can make a world of difference. You can still get in the spirit of giving by treating yourself to some much needed self-care!

Skip out on family drama

It’s not always a pleasure being stuck with family, and not all of us have the best relationships (looking at you, in-laws). When you’re dealing with problem substance use and addiction, you might also be tempted into these habits to cope. All it takes is one judgemental or passive aggressive comment and some people will find themselves in a spiral of negativity. Even if you have a great family relationship, they’ll be glad that you’re taking the time for yourself to get better.

Getting the family together for the holidays can be the perfect storm for awkward moments, arguments, and toxic interactions, tempting anyone dealing with addiction into their problem habits. If you’re ready for recovery, why put yourself through it? 

As an added benefit to starting inpatient addiction treatment, you’ll meet peers in recovery, and end up making some new friends. Our alumni network is incredibly supportive and has resulted in lifelong friendships. Once you walk through our doors, you’re part of our recovery community, and will never be alone in your journey.

Find the time to focus on you

Things can tend to slow down over the holiday season, including at work. That’s why the holidays can be great for some time away without the worry of falling behind. Take advantage of the slower season and spend time on your health and wellness.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to focus on yourself, this is it!

Cozy up in a winter cottage

Leaving your daily routine for a change of scenery can be greatly beneficial for developing new habits. Our cottage style centre is located on the St Lawrence River, providing a picturesque winter setting for you to unplug and reset.

You enjoy nutritious meals prepared onsite (we’ll take care of the cleanup) and partake in holistic wellness activities including music and art therapy.

Find your perfect retreat to heal this holiday, and avoid all of the stress!

A New Year, a New You

The New Year is a great time to reset and make a change for the better. If you’re struggling with problem substance use and addiction, there’s no change more important for your wellbeing than entering into recovery.

When you choose 1000 Islands Addiction Treatment Centre, you’re choosing a better tomorrow for both yourself and your loved ones. Our compassionate team and certified addictions counsellors are ready to guide you, every step of the way.

Our gift to you

We know the holidays are expensive. So we’ve made choosing inpatient addiction treatment easier.

If you enter treatment with us before January 15th, you’ll enjoy our special holiday admission rate. We also offer interest-free financing options for eligible clients. Feel free to call and chat about your financial options! 

How to know when professional support is needed

If you’re unsure whether inpatient addiction treatment is the right choice for you or your loved one, here are some considerations to help you decide if it’s time for professional help:

  1. You can’t stop your substance use or other harmful behaviours despite having a negative effect on your life.
  2. Your relationships are suffering, including work, family or friends.
  3. You feel that your addiction is the only escape from anxiety, depression, trauma or other mental health issues.
  4. You’ve tried to stop but can’t seem to kick the habit. (We can help!)

What makes 1000 Islands Rehab special?

Perched on the shore of the St. Lawrence River in Mallorytown, ON, 1000 Islands Addiction Treatment Centre provides everything clients need to recover from substance use disorder, including medically-supervised withdrawal management at our 8-bed detox centre. 

The sprawling 54-bed facility is just a short drive from the U.S. border, Ottawa, Toronto and Quebec, making it well-positioned to serve clients within a considerable travelling distance. 

mens residence in drug rehab

We’re Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities Canada (CARF): the gold standard of excellence in inpatient addiction treatment. This means you can trust our staff to deliver high quality care with your personal recovery goals and best interests in mind.

Our certified addictions counsellors help clients manage emotional distress during their stay, and guide the development of healthy and sustainable habits that support lasting recovery.

The bucolic natural setting allows clients to unplug from everyday life, setting the stage for healing in a safe and supportive environment. 

Healthy meals are prepared onsite, and clients are provided everything they need to recover comfortably, including art and music-based therapy, health and wellness programming and aftercare.

1000 Islands is a safe space, welcoming all individuals from diverse backgrounds and beliefs during the holiday season. We are happy to welcome you and incorporate cultural holiday traditions to make you feel at home.

After graduation from the program, you’ll join our supportive alumni community and will continue to touch base with your peers and counsellors.

1000 Islands is offering a limited time rate over the holidays! Speak to our intake team about available financing options. Contact us today! We look forward to welcoming you into our recovery community!

Can’t spend time away? You can recover online!

Even though the holiday season is a great time to start recovery, not everyone can put their life and responsibilities on hold. Not to worry! We offer the same structured treatment program virtually, through a secure online platform. Virtual treatment has other added benefits.

  1. The cost is lower for virtual treatment than for traditional inpatient rehab options. 
  2. Flexibility to choose when works for you with day or evening part-time programs.
  3. Conveniently access treatment from anywhere with internet, while visiting relatives or from the comfort of home.

Virtual treatment is available through our parent company, Canadian Addiction Treatment Centres. Speak with out intake team to learn more.

Cherish the gift of recovery

When your loved one is struggling with addiction, one of the first steps is to speak with them about inpatient addiction rehab. It can be daunting to seek treatment alone, but knowing there’s compassion and support from those who love you can make all the difference. For those in recovery, the choice to start the journey is cherished. Help your loved one make that choice with the gift of support.

Call us to learn about our programs and services. We’re pleased to share everything you need to know about the available treatment options. You don’t need to figure it out alone – we’re here to help.

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