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Addiction Treatment for Marijuana:

Most people who are in support of marijuana consumption have a number of arguments to “back up” this stance. However, there are facts that point to why you need to stop smoking marijuana. Granted, weed is found in nature. Also, it may have some relaxing properties. However, weed also contains many natural products that are toxic to the body.

The smoke that is produced with marijuana consumption is dangerous to the body. Furthermore, the addictive properties of marijuana can interfere with your social, personal and work life. Over the course of this blog, we discuss the importance of marijuana addiction treatment. Essentially, we explore why you need to stop smoking marijuana, sooner, rather than later.

The Reasons Why You Need Marijuana Addiction Treatment

In this section, we define each of the side effects of smoking marijuana. Furthermore, we break them down in a bid to show you why you should stop smoking.

Marijuana smoke contains carcinogens

Marijuana smoke contains carcinogens

A high percentage of marijuana enthusiasts consume the product by smoking. It’s not the only way you can consume marijuana, however, it’s the most common. The clincher is whether you’re using bongs, joints or blunts to consume weed, the number of carcinogens released does not change. 

Carcinogens are chemical substances that have been linked to cancer. With cancer, prevention is far better than cure. Therefore, to ensure your health, get marijuana addiction treatment ASAP.

Marijuana can lead to lung damage

One of the effects of smoking marijuana is lung damage — plain and simple. Regular weed smokers are at a higher risk of getting lung damage compared to non-smokers. This has been proven by a scientific study.

Also, a New Zealand study has shown that lung damage due to cannabis is equal to the damage caused by five cigarettes. The risk to your health is not worth it, at all. 

It is possible to develop a dependency

Granted, marijuana is not as addictive as drugs like cocaine, heroin and methadone. However, it is still possible to get addicted to marijuana. In fact, one from every six smokers ends up addicted to marijuana. Over time, this addiction may blossom into a dependence which is just as worse. 

If you are dependent on weed, you’ll need it for everyday functions. In fact, most addicts do not even know when they start getting dependent on marijuana. It starts with only a few drags in the evening. Then, you start to do it before work. Furthermore, when you get back, it’s your go-to for unwinding after a stressful day. In a few months, you’ll find it impossible to go a day without smoking weed. That’s why you need to stop smoking weed as soon as possible. 

With weed dependence comes a high level of tolerance. You’ll find yourself having to smoke more weed to achieve the same effects. In doing so, you inhale more carcinogens, doing more damage to your lungs and other body systems. 

Weed can make you lose focus on your goals

For a productive existence, marijuana addiction treatment may be necessary, especially if you smoke on a daily basis. When you consume cannabis, it leaves you with a feeling that most people call “baked”. Furthermore, getting baked is a relaxant, rather than a stimulant.

Therefore, if you smoke weed daily, you’ll end up feeling relaxed for too long. Consequently, there won’t be any time left for more productive pursuits. If you’re a student, this usually transmits to a slump in grades. If you have to go to work, you may start to experience reduced performance levels at work.

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It depletes nutrients in your body

Your body needs magnesium to stay relaxed. With plenty of dietary mineral magnesium in your body, you’ll feel less on the edge and more relaxed. However, smoking marijuana can counteract this feeling. 

Cannabis has the effect of depleting the body’s natural marijuana reserves. As a result, when the high fades, you are going to start to feel less relaxed and anxious. This can be a double-edged sword. It may mean that you have to turn back to marijuana to feel relaxed again, a scenario that can lead to dependence.  

Marijuana is expensive

If you are wondering why you should stop smoking, your bank balance can give you the answers. According to a United Nations report, marijuana costs about $300 per ounce. Depending on the quality and how much you smoke, you may end up spending three times that figure on a monthly basis. 

In addition to the immediate cost implications, the effects of poor job performance due to weed can also affect your bank balance. You may miss a promotion or worse, get fired. Over one year, these factors can add up to thousands of dollars.

It can affect mental development

People who consume marijuana heavily, especially during their teenage years reach adulthood with lower IQ levels compared to non-smokers. This has to do with the fact that the brain doesn’t stop maturing until the mid-20s. As a result, the use of a mind-altering substance can affect the growth and development of your brain.  

Cannabis can affect your personality

Cannabis can affect your personality

As we discussed earlier, the consumption of weed can deplete your body’s store of nutrients designed to help you feel relaxed. That alone is enough reason why you should stop smoking marijuana. 

However, there’s more to it. Depleted body nutrients can lead to increased anxiety and paranoia. Some of it is justified due to the criminal standing of weed in most states across the country. However, physiologically, the effects of marijuana can start to affect the brain. Combine this with the fuzzy feelings and lack of stimulation to do anything. Then, you have a recipe that can alter your personality — and not for the better.

The Long Term Effects of Weed

Compared to the short-term effects, the long term impact of weed can be more severe. It’s why you should stop smoking as soon as possible. Some of the long-term effects of smoking marijuana include the following:

  • Abnormalities in the brain 
  • Chronic medical depression 
  • The possibility of testicular cancer 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Heart attacks and possible strokes 

How To Stop Smoking Weed: Get Expert Help 

Trying to stop smoking marijuana without expert help can be extremely difficult. The addiction, possible dependence and withdrawal symptoms may make the process an effort in futility.

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